Sound Recordist for most types of programs or shows, dramas

Fluent in English, French and some Italian. Driving license for car, bike, and up to 11 people carrier

Kit: Sound devices 888, 664 and 744, audio Development mixers, shoepps and sennheiser microphones, Audio ltd A10 and Envoy Lectrosonic radio mics and DPA lapels+ zaxcom camera hop. Honda C-RV

Music on location, Surround recordings.

HD Protools suite for Sound Editing, Mixing , Design



Abbey Road After Hours Jordan Rakei. Mercury Studio Dir Oisin Bickley

Oasis Drinks Commercial  prod Irresistible Studio Dir Jonty Toosey

Promotional films for Hurtigruten cruise company. On location in Norway, Greenland, Iceland, Antarctica.
dir Jamie Matson

Corporates M&S, Visa Ten group.

Henri V,  Coriolanus   Live recording at The Globe. Dir David Warren. Ambanja Films

Lost and found Sky Art Longtail film .dir JJ Jones. Nina Simone Songs with Emily Sande

Adidas MTV at Abbey road with Roger Taylor for Black Dog films

Within Sand: first Saudi Arabian feature film  in 40 years dir: Mo Salawi (6 weeks shoot) Alsarid films

Centre Point charity commercial. Black Dog

RNIB online content hidden camera shoot  Dir Jonty Toosey

The Sparks brothers  Prod Half NELSON FILM

Dir Edgar Wright prod George Hencken

History of Taxes : Point Du Jour ARTE Dir Xavier Villetard (uk shoot)

ULtimate goal   Season 2 BT Sport Zig Zag Production

TOFOO  and  ABREVA Commercial Black Dog Dir JADE ANG JACKMAN

GQ Award show  Black Dog productions

Toyota Camry Commercial Alumina Studios dir Jonty Toosey

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child EPK for Studio Sixty Billion

dir Jamaal Parham and Bashan Aquart 

ICON – Music Through The Lens Prod. Cine Fromage Dir Dick Caruther

curated by Gerred Mankovitch 

6 Part series on Rock Photographer 

Gyles Brandeth podcast For Penguin House

Maffia killers . Bedlam . 6 parts series 2018

Renault Commercial

The naked wanderer  
Bedlam dir Alan Lindsay

Food story for Pole Hunt and Warner Dir Jonty Toosey

Documentaries and TV shows

Lost and found Sky Art Longtail film .dir JJ Jones. Nina Simone Songs

Ultimate Goal Season 2: BT Sport, Zig Zag Production.

Maffia killers . Bedlam . 6 parts series 2018

Keith Richards: The Origin of the Species  Julien Temple Nitrate Productions

The Ecstasy of Wilko Johnson Julien Temple Nitrate Productions

The Strypes: Best Thing Since Cavan Julien Temple Nitrate Production

Les routes de l'esclavage Prod Phare et Balises DirDaniel cattier

Tariq Ali TV Telesur Sandra Leeming Darthmouth Films  

Rear Window art program Telesur Dir Jenny Morgan Darthmouth Films
Lawless Ocean Taiwan Shoot DirAlex Nott Wall to Wall Productions
Ben Hanlin Tricked Hallowen Special (1 episode) ITV
Keith Richards The Origin Of The Species Dir Julian Temple BBC

Keith Richards Lost Week End. BBC4

What to buy and why BBC 7 Wonders Dir Darren Coates

The Strypes Dir Julian Temple

The Ecstasy of Wilko Johnson. Dir Julian Temple BBC

Britain Next Top Model 2016 UK and Jamaica Thumbs Up Production

Dogfest festival C4 Blast Films

Drugs And Money BBC Panorama dir Jonhathan Jones

Abducted Wild Pictures ITV dir Johnathan Jones

Steven Spielberg documentary London's Interviews Dir Susan Lacy, Pentimento Productions

Hit and Run Wild Pictures ITV dir Johnathan Jones

E-Formula 1 at Donningtong NHK

Springwatch UK

Parkinson's Table Parky Productions

Don't tell the bride (xmas Special)Renegade Pictures BBC3 (2013 and 2014)

Auto Moto Special Goodwood TF1

Secret Agent C4 Raise the roof production C4

Supersize Vs Skinny C4 Endemol 5 episodes

Gadget show North One Tv 4 episodes

Sharon Horgan’s Mums BBC Producer Chloe Thomas at North One TV.

Pop stars to Operastars ITV Dir Jamie Wiggins

Kate and William a royal love story: BBC1 Dir. Nikky Ryan

Embarrassing Bodies C4 Maverick TV

Beauty and the beast C4 Betty

Dragon’s Den “on tour” BBC Manchester

Jimmy food factory BBC Scotland, directed by Jennifer King

The One Show Time really flies and Fluoride BBC Scotland,directed by Jennifer King

School poetry NHK produced by Don Productions dir Ian Mitchel

Rural Media NHK produced by Don Productions Dir Riwa Komatsubara

Panorama BBC1 MP’s Expenses Title: MP's Expenses presented by Shelley JofreDirector/Producer: John O'Kane

World of pain BBC1 1x60mn Doc with Meera Syal Dir John Holdsworth

Make my body younger BBC3 Dir J. Matson

Indian cooking made easy BBC Dir Sangita Manandhar

Crimewatch Special “Operation Yeaddiss” BBC, Dir: Gerry Pomeroy

Black Gold, Sundance 06, Role: Sound Editor, Dir: Nick and Marc Francis

Desi DNA series BBC 2 Asian Network

Calico Jack, Alba Communications/

Tina Turner, Biography Ch, Alba Communications/

George Michael, Biography Ch, Alba Communications/

General Pinochet, Biography Ch, Alba Communications/

Boy George, Biography Ch, Alba Communications/

History of the C Word, North One TV/ BBC4, Director: Pete Wood

Twiggy, Alba Communications/ Biography Ch,

Solved Crimewatch UK, BBC, Director: Gerry Pomeroy

Whistle Blower, Estate Agents episode (part), BBC

Cold Case, On DNA BBC1, Director: Gerry Pomeroy

Dereliction Detectives, BBC, Director: Ian Leese

Linda Thompson, Singer BBC Scotland

The Washington Sniper, Ideal World/ Ch4, Director: Neil Rawles

Toju, Brown Eyed Boy Productions, BBC3, Director: Ewan Taylor

Rio Ferdinand's World Cup Windups, Granada/ ITV, Various Directors

Richard and Judy, (dating bootcamp),Granada/ ITV, Director: Adam Ross

Paradise Poker (Costa Rica show), Endemol, Role: Sound Recordist & Rigger, Director: Tom Doch

Living in the Sun , (2002) Ricochet Digital/ BBC, Director: Paula Campion

Ant and Dec Saturday Night Take Away (hidden camera shoot), ITV

My New Best Friend, 7 part series, Tiger Aspect/ Ch4

Dick and Dom, BBC, Various DirectorsSack Race (10 x reality game show), Prime TV /BBC 1, Various Directors

Saturday Show, BBC, Diverse Productions

Top of the Pops BBC

BBC Fame Academy, Endemol

Airport, BBC Series 2.

My New Best Friend, 7 part series, Tiger Aspect/ Ch4

Paris Bites, Planet Wild/ UK Food Ch, Director: Julie Bradshaw

The Dome Robbery Panorama, BBC1, Director: Jonathan Jones

Body Beautiful, Daze and Confused TV/ BBC choice

The Real Cherie, McDougall Craig North/ Ch4, Dir: Tom Pollock

The Unteachables, Talkback, Ch4, Director: Philippa Ross & Mary Woods

Location, Location, Ideal world/ Ch4, Director: Graham Sherrington

Crooked Tarts and Coronets, Cutting Edge, Ideal World/ Ch4,Director: Gaby Kent

Fantasy Education, BBC3, Director: Jamie Matson

A Different Life, Flying Elephant Films/ Ch5, Director Franca Cereghini

In Brazil , Japan, Liverpool,

Scotland Regiment, BBC2, various directors

Food Police, BBC, Director: Jacky Waldock

Barefoot in the Med, Free at Last TV/ BBC Play UK, Director: Fay Gibson

Dublin Night, Planet Wild/ Ch4, Director: Jamie Matson

I am not racist but.... Films of Records/ Ch4, Director: Charlotte Metcalf

First taste, Flying Elephant/ Ch5, Director: Franca Cereghini

Just William and Ffion, Juniper Films/ Ch4, Director: Charlotte Metcalf.

Yr Glass, Boda Cyf/ S4C, role: Boom Swinger, Recordist Mike Shoring

Troma Entertainment, Lloyd Kaufman Workshop, Director: Antoine Chuzeville@ Save Ferris For France 2

In Ismail’s Custody, 22 Films, a documentary about Ismail Merchant

filmed in India/ London/ New York. Director: D. Santini

One eye, Tracklayed and mixed, animated by Liana Dognini shown at the Cannes festival '98 and 1st prize student animation Zagreb anim fest '98

Commercial/ Promos/ Corporates Companies

National Geography, BBC, Bikini, Red Bee, Maverick, Universal network, Sky, Sci-Fi Channels, Grinlor,, Richmond studios, Connected pictures, CTN, MTV,
SKY Trailers, BSKYB, Craft Worldwide
The Events Company, Merchant cantos, Rockabox, Krow communications

Commercials includes:

Persil, Pepsi, Avensis, Telstar, Sony Playstation, British Gas, 888 Bingo, Nintendo Nintendo Wii, Great Western Railways, Google, DFS etc...

Promos includes:

Crocodile Diary, Titanic day trailers, Dog whisperer, British inventions Sky, Eureka, V The return, Time Teams etc...


Cargyll, Miller beer. Tetra Pack, Google, John Lewis NHS, Cannes Lions DeBeers Diamonds, Graaf Diamonds, Grassroot, C.H.I, Great western Railways, Audi, Canon, Battersea Power Station

Procter and Gamble, Barclays Vodafone, Lloyds TSB, Cannes Commercial Festival, London Metropolitan Police, Mittal steel corporation, Lexus, Xerox, Hell drink, Hewlett Packard, etc

Electronic Press Kits:

David Gahan, Nick Cave, Kaiser Chiefs, Foo Fighters, Daniel Beddingfield Ubberstank, Onyx  

Mute Recordsv MTV, BMG, Thunderbirds the movie, Cole Porter For Feasible Films. season of thewitch junkit, ArrestedDevellopment junkit, The Raid 2 Junkit.

Dramas and Short film:

The naked wanderer  Bedlam dir Alan Lindsay
The biggest thing that ever hit broadway
Director Marcus Thompson

The Procession Rob Festinger

Delta forever(2008) Angel eye media BBC3 Dir Misha Manson Smith

The Englishman (2008) The Mechanic Films, Director: Ian Sellar

Meeting Helen (2007) Emily Woof for Apt Films. Dop: Chriss Doyle

Odour of chrysanthemum (2007) Director Marc Partridge

Coming up 3 2004 8 x short films, IWC Media/ Ch4

Coming up 2 2003, 8 x short films, Ideal world/ Ch4

One eye, Tracklayed and mixed, animated by Liana Dognini shown at the Cannes festival '98 and 1st prize student animation Zagreb anim fest '98

Jerusalem (2009/10) 15 mn short shot in London : Sound Recordist and Sound Editor, Director: Blake Bedford

Coming up series season 2 and3 of Channel 4

Jasmine Song (2006), 16mm short shot in Palestine,Role: Sound Recordist and Sound Editor, Director: Najwar Najja,

Fade to black (2006), With Sheridan Smith directed by Gary Martin at Treatments

You can't Dance, Director: David Freeman

Walberswick Detectives, Anglia TV, Director: Mick Jackson

An English Goodbye, Tinderbox films, Role: Sound Recordist and sound editor, Director: Andy Heathcote

A Quarter to Five, Hothouse films, 10x10 BBC Bristol, Director: Jamie Matson

One eye, Tracklayed and mixed, animated by Liana Dognini shown at the Cannes festival '98 and 1st prize student animation Zagreb anim fest '98

The sense of wonder, Composing of a music track for super 8 installation, Director: Vlasto Sudar (London short film festival,Raindance festival)

It's a Goat's Life, Director: Enrico Lando, Role: Boom Operator, Sound Recordist: Andy Morris.

Deeper still, Ch4, Boom swinger, Director: A Nielson. Sound Recordist: Andy Morris.

Sound Editing:

Waltham forrest animation Kong Studios
commercial for Batersea Power Station redevellopment (2014)

Sharks(2010) 30mn Doc for Aljazeera Dir by Zeina Aboul Hosn at Outtherenews

The Iraqi Candidate (2010) 30mn Doc for Aljazeera Dir by Paul Eedle at Outtherenews

Jerusalem (2009/10) sound editing designing dubbing Dir Blake Bedford

Black Gold Feature doc (2007)  sound edit supervisor, Dir: Nick and Marc Francis

Jasmine Song (2006), 16mm short shot in Palestine,

Sound Recordist and Sound Editor, Director: Najwar Najja,

An English Goodbye, Tinderbox films, Sound Recordist and Editor

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